DIY Spring Wreath: Spruce Up Your Front Door With a Pop of Color!

Are you all as excited for spring as I am?! While I’m never all that thrilled about winter, I have been going a little stir-crazy the last month or so waiting for the weather to warm up. And yeah, while Iowa isn’t quite done with the cold weather yet, (seriously?! Snow expected this week?!) the beginning of spring does give me hope that eventually we will get to the warmer weather again…hiking, outdoor events, no more coats…I can’t wait!

With anticipating the warmer weather, and the official start of spring, comes the desire to take down all the winter decor and bring in some more color! Only one problem…The only spring wreath I made last year was this one for my mom. So I had no wreath for our front door! (I am also seriously lacking in other spring decor, but that will be a post for another day)Β It’s a good thing that I absolutely love a chance to try a new DIY project!Β So, I did what any aspiring DIYer does! I made one for myself!

In 1 hour, add some fun, flair & a pop of color to your door with this DIY! You don't need very many materials or experience to make something all your own!

If you have been with the blog for a while, or on my Instagram, you’ve noticed I tend to stick to the same style of wreath, at least for the base. Pretty much a straw wreath base, wrapped in burlap or yarn. This time I decided to experiment a bit and try a new base! So this is my first attempt at using a grapevine wreath. Overall, I think it went pretty well!

Estimated Time for Project: 1 hour


Materials Needed:

  • 1 grapevine wreath
  • fake flowers – I used 3 bunches of tulips, in 3 different colors. All but 3-4 individual flowers were used in this project.
  • 1 roll of burlap, any color – I used brown, but a pink or yellow could look really pretty too!
  • wooden inital – Both Draz and my last names start with H, so that seemed like a good choice!
  • paint for initial
  • paintbrush
  • Not pictured: glue gun, twine


  1. I started by painting the initial. You want plenty of time for that to dry before you add it on at the end! While that is drying, you can assemble the rest of the wreath. I painted ours a light purple, which sadly didn’t photograph very well. Just trust me. It’s purple!
  2. Trim flowers off of the bunches. I started out with pretty long stems (6+ inches), thinking that would be easier to weave through the grapevine. It ended up getting pretty stuffed pretty quickly! I started trimming them shorter about halfway through, ending up with 3-4 inches being a pretty comfortable length. This leaves you enough to weave through the grapevine without filling it too much. I trimmed some, added those, trimmed more and added those, repeating until I was happy with the amount of flowers on the wreath.Grapevine-wreath-with-tulips-inserted
  3. Move on to your burlap. I made two bows first. Then I wrapped some of the rest of the burlap loosely around the wreath, adjusting until I liked how it looked. I did tie down one part behind the flowers with twine to make it lay a little nicer.
    1. If you feel the need to, this would probably be the point to glue any of the flowers that you want to. I considered it, but decided they didn’t need any. (I actually turned the wreath upside down and shook it around!)
  4. Using the hot glue gun, add your bows to the wreath.Tulips-And-Grapevine-Wreath-With-Burlap-Wrapped-Around-And-Bows-Added
  5. Using the hot glue gun again, attach your wooden initial.


That’s it! It’s a pretty simple process, but the results are gorgeous! I am in love with how this wreath turned out! I did learn a few things during the process as well:

  • Burlap bows are actually much easier to make pretty than I ever realized! I have actually tried to make things with bows before and I could never get them to look pretty. This time, I had a realization that made them so much easier with a much better looking result! (I am sad I didn’t get pictures of this. I will try to get some next time!)
    • I made a loop with the length of burlap, putting the seam at the middle in the back. Pinch the middle of the loop together and wrap twine around the pinched area a few times, tying in the back to secure. That’s it! It’s so much simpler than anything I tried before.
  • Shorter stems are easier to work with than longer. I know I said that above, but it is definitely worth repeating. SO. MUCH. EASIER.
  • Wire cutters for electrical wire can be used to great effect to cut the stems of fake flowers. I could not find my usual scissors anywhere…nearly dented my nice kitchen shears trying to cut the stems. I then called my dad, who Β saved the day (as always)! He suggested using some wire cutters, which we had just used in another project a week ago and I knew where those were. They were even easier than the scissors I normally use!


I am so happy with how this DIY project turned out! I was a little nervous trying out a new base, but it was so easy to work with and the result was beautiful. I may be making a few new grapevine wreaths in the future.

How are you decorating for spring? Do you like using DIY decor in your home? Are you planning on any new DIY decor for the new season? I would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below!



DIY Floral Spring Wreath

Hey all! I’ve got a quick and easy DIY spring decor project that I think you are going to love! I know I do!

Decorating for the seasons is something I only just started really doing in the last year or so. It’s something I always wanted to do more of….it just has a way of making a house feel more homey to me. Growing up, my mom would always pull out the seasonal decor as soon as she possibly could when the season started changing. Each room throughout the house would get at least a few touches and the house always was warm, inviting and beautiful. I never really thought much about how the decor played a part in that until I moved out, but she put so much effort into making our house into a lovely home. Now she is my inspiration in many ways, and was the motivation for me creating this wreath!

DIY Floral Spring Wreath

DIY Spring Wreath


diy materials spring burlap wreath floral


  • Straw Wreath: I already had one, but I’m pretty sure it was around $3
  • Fake Flowers: $11
  • Burlap Wrap, 2 rolls: $6.94
  • Wood Letters: $2.97
  • Paint: $0.50

Total Project Cost: $24.41

Other Materials Needed: hot glue gun, small paintbrush, twine or some other material to hang wreath with


Before starting the wreath itself, I painted the letters needed for “spring” so that they would be dry by the time I needed them.

Glue down the end of your burlap roll on to the straw wreath and make sure it is secure. I left my wreath in the plastic. I find it less messy and easier to work with. If you prefer not to use straw, or can’t find one, I am pretty sure a styrofoam wreath would work just as well.

first step burlap wrapped straw wreath diy

Start wrapping the burlap around the wreath. This can be as narrow or as wide of overlapping wraps as you like. I liked how this one was looking with the wraps more close together and ended up using 1 1/2 rolls of the burlap. I would guess that you could probably make your wraps overlap less and use only one roll. I glued down the burlap every 4-5 wraps or so, just to make sure the burlap doesn’t shift over time.

burlap wrapped straw wreath diy in progress

Now on to the flowers! I arranged mine to be off-center when hanging and asymmetrical. Have fun with this! I like to lay mine out before gluing any of them down and playing with the arrangement some. I cut the stems off of the flowers so that only the flower part is left and use the hot glue gun to secure them to the wreath.

burlap wrapped straw wreath spring floral diy

The last step in creating this wreath is to glue on the letters. I kept mine pretty simple.

spring wreath diy burlap wrapped straw wreath floral

That’s it! Pretty simple, right?! I love how easy this wreath was to make and yet it still makes quite an impact! πŸ™‚ I made this wreath to give to my mom for Mother’s Day and I am thrilled with how much she liked it and how beautiful it looks hanging on their door!

spring wreath diy finished floral burlap wrapped

I hope you enjoy this quick and easy project to add a pop of spring color to your door! Have fun!

Questions? Comments? Leave a message below or send me an email! I would love to hear how your projects turn out!