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Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday! It’s been a pretty busy week here, but in the best way possible! I hope your week went well too! I’ve got some great links for you to enjoy over your weekend, so we will get right to it! Enjoy!

My favorite picture from this week! I saw this while I was on my bike ride yesterday and just loved it!

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friday favs: the links I love

It’s Friday!! Ok, I’m usually pretty happy for the weekend (even though I don’t have a traditional weekend off of work…huh…that’s kinda weird). But right now I’m even more excited!! I still have a few days of work left, but I am almost to our vacation!! 11 glorious days together off of work. Or at least off of our day jobs. We both still have work to do, but we will get plenty of time together too. Plus I’m meeting up with a friend for lunch and a few other exciting events scheduled!! But, that’s not the focus for today. Today is all about the links I love from this week! Honestly, it’s a pretty short list. Not because there wasn’t quality stuff out there. More just my focus has been a little off this week, so I didn’t do quite as much reading as I normally do. But either way, I hope you enjoy the links I love…maybe you will even love them too!?

links-I-Love, Ada-Hayden
Along with the links I love, this is one of the places I love. The May photos turned out great!


Sesame Noodles with Broccoli and Almonds from Gimme Some Oven

Ham and Swiss Quinoa Egg Bake from Organize Yourself Skinny


Create an Amazing Home Exercise Routine FOR Free With The Fitnet Workout App from Organize Yourself Skinny – I haven’t tried this yet, but I think I might soon! As most of you know, I have been still struggling with my back issues for the past few months, so Kayla’s BBG really hasn’t been possible for me. I’ve been keeping up with the treadmill, but that’s about it. I’ve been leaning towards kinda giving in to the reality that starting BBG again isn’t going to happen soon, so I need to start figuring out a new routine that I can do with my back issues. I’m hoping this app will have some options that I can try!

You Are More Than Your Body (Fat) from Girls Gone Strong – This hits on so many issues I either have struggled with or continue to struggle with. Fantastic read and really thought provoking.

Creating Your Own Home Gym from Kate Moving Forward – A home gym is awesome! And you don’t need a huge amount of space to have one. I would love to have a gym membership, but that is a little out of our budget right now. So I love the home gym I’ve put together! (of couse, I’m really lucky I had parents who were done with their treadmill, but you can still do a lot without that)

Art and DIY

Inspired Idea: DIY Gilded Roses from Lauren Conrad – I’m going to admit something…I’m not a huge fan of roses. They are ok, but I have a lot of flowers I prefer over roses. But these! These are so pretty!

Blogging and Business

The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Your Blog Content from Melyssa Griffin – This is something I’m still struggling with! I’m going to have to put a lot more thought into some of the techniques and platforms she talks about here…Especially Periscope? I have heard a ton, but haven’t checked it out yet! Any Periscope users out there with tips?

How Not to Get Caught in the 6-Figure Blogger Suck-in from by Regina – I’ve seen a lot of this on the web and I love how she lays this out. Great read.


2 Hacks for a Front Braid on Dark + Straight Hair from The Small Things Blog – Ok, so my hair is only straight sometimes. But it’s definitely dark! And I’m going to be trying this style and tip in the next few days! I’m always a little disappointed in my braids, mostly because they just kinda blend. Here’s hoping this will help!

That’s it for the links I love this week! I love what I did find and I hope you did too! Have a wonderful weekend!



Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I am so happy that the weekend is here! Or almost here in my case. 🙂 Either way, I’m glad it’s Friday. Any exciting plans for the weekend? I have a few projects I’m hoping to work on this weekend. But for today, I just have a few Friday Favorites to share!

friday favorites, mother daughter outing, family
Pottery painting with Mom


3 Steps to a Healthier and Fitter You from Blush and Barbells – A great simple article about starting to get healthier! The fitness routine is still something I struggle with on a regular basis. I completely agree with her that it is an essential part to getting healthier!

Things to do When You Feel Rubbish from Dizzy Brunette 3 – Love this! I’ve been dealing with kinda feeling rubbish on and off for the last couple weeks and this was a great post to remind me of some things that help!

Life and Family

My Self-Righteous Animal Adoption Rant from Oddly Lovely – This one really hit home for me. Adoption is definitely the way to go! Draz and I got Crystal from a shelter and just love her like crazy! I know we will continue adopting whenever we decide it’s time to get another dog.

Blogging and Business

8 Tips for Taking Great Photos from A Cup of Jo – Great list! It has a few things that I had never thought of and can’t wait to try out!

My Top 5 Creative Resources for Bloggers from Makeup Savvy – I love this list! I may be alone in this, but I have only used 1 of these. I can’t wait to try some new ones out!

That’s it for this week! It’s less than the list I normally put together, but it’s at least a few things for you to check out! I hope to be a bit more on track with the blog next week (and beyond!). I do still have some exciting projects in the works, so keep an eye out for new posts!

Have a great weekend! And I would love to see some of your favorites from this week, so leave a comment below with a link and I will check it out!



Friday Favs: February 12, 2016

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful week! In all honestly, my week wasn’t great. I caught a pretty terrible cold and didn’t do much more than lay on the couch for most of it 🙁 But I feel like I’m on the mend now and can’t wait to get back to life as normal! Sadly, being sick means I pretty much took zero pictures this week, so I have no favorite picture of the week. I’m looking forward to next week’s though! I’m starting a new photography project on my birthday!


8 Ways I use Frozen Produce from 100 Days of Real Food – While not a recipe exactly, this has some great tips (one of which I had to learn the hard way!)

Spicy Skillet Hoisin Chicken from The Slender Kitchen – I don’t think I’ve actually used hoisin sauce before. I should change that!

Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Shells from The Recipe Critic – Cheese, pasta and veggies?! I’m all about this one 🙂

Roasted Garlic Cauliflower from Damn Delicious – I haven’t had roasted cauliflower before, but I do love cauliflower and garlic, so I can’t imagine this being bad!

Marinated Kale & Chicken Bowls from Pinch of Yum – I’ve never marinated kale before! In fact, as an ingredient, I haven’t used kale a lot, but I’ve enjoyed it when I have. And her pictures just make this dish look mouthwatering!

Home and Decor

Glitter and Gold Valentine’s Day Mantel from Organize Your Stuff Now – Oh how I wish I had a mantel…I’m not big on Valentine’s Day, but this decor is beautiful!


The Mind-Body Connection – The Importance of Focusing on Toning Moves from Organize Yourself Skinny – Great article overall! One point that she points out that I love is to take every move slow and focus on form. When I was in physical therapy that was one of the things they stressed and that I’ve seen a lot of people slack on.

Fitness Social Media: Beyond the Six Pack Selfies from Lazy Girl Running – You all know that I am pretty much in love with Kayla Itsines’ and the BBG community…and there are a lot of six pack selfies on there. I’ve met (online) a lot of great ladies through there. That being said, I love this article!

Life and Family

Snow Shoe from Barefoot Blonde – This is too cute and sounds like so much fun!

My Book Came!!! from Uncustomary Art – I love how you can just feel the excitement radiating from her post! I can’t imagine the feeling of holding proof of all of your hard work coming to fruition.

The Complete Budgeting Guide: How to Make a Budget That Works from Making Sense of Cents – A great guide from a great blog!

I Married a Blogger from DIY Playbook – Ok, this is actually just one post in a huge loop. I would definitely check out all of them. They are pretty entertaining, informative and just…cute 🙂

That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoy the list! Did you find anything neat this week? I would love to hear about it, so leave me a comment below!

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