Simple Weekly Meal Prep

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! I know not everyone gets a long weekend, but either way, I hope you are enjoying your holiday! This week’s meal prep is a relatively simple one. Draz and I still had some leftovers from the previous week, plus a few less meals that we would be eating homemade, so I didn’t make as much this week.

I did, however, try a new recipe that turned out amazing! Enjoy!

This simple weekly meal prep is the perfect way to set yourself up for success! With just a few dishes to make, this prep is quick to make yet still filling!

Draz and I both still had some protein balls left, so snacks and salads this week were pretty simple. I’m still loving the addition of the rotisserie chicken lunchmeat to go with my grapes and cheese. It definitely helps keep me full longer! My other newer snack is celery with peanut butter, which I’m really enjoying as well. I do wish that the whole “peanut butter at the bottom of the jar” would have worked better, but oh well…It works just fine taking a separate tiny container of peanut butter! Hard-boiled eggs finish off this week’s snacks and are usually what I have before heading to the gym after work.


Salads this week were still based off of this Cheeseburger-inspired recipe and turned out wonderful. Since I made a couple less than usual, these were a bit more meaty than normal (not a bad thing!)


For our main dishes, Draz and I each had our own this week. For Draz, he asked for Thai Peanut Chicken Pasta, one of his favorites. One thing I like about making this recipe is that it works perfect to make it with another cabbage-based dish. So I ended up finding a new one for me to try this week and I LOVED it!

This Fried Cabbage and Kielbasa dish was hearty and delicious, plus high in protein! I will definitely be making this again! I usually had mine with some cottage cheese on the side and it was a very filling meal, even with the main dish being so low in calories! One thing to note for this dish – I didn’t realize until I was already cooking that I was out of white wine vinegar. So I used rice vinegar instead!

Here are the macros for this week’s main dishes:


Want to try out this simple meal prep for yourself? Get your grocery list for these two main dishes here!

Have you tried any new recipes? What is your favorite cabbage recipe? I would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below!


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