Sunday Meal Prep 2/5/17

Hey everyone! Have you been missing my weekly meal prep posts as much as I have missed doing them?! πŸ™‚ I am so happy to be getting back to my normal schedule and a big part of that is being able to do meal prep again! This week’s prep is pretty small, but expect a really big one next week!


Meal prep is my best tool to eating healthy the whole week! Come check out this week's meal prep and get your own free downloadable grocery list to get you started!

Things stayed pretty basic this week for our snacks and salads. I think I might try a new protein ball recipe soon though. This week’s included No Bake Maple Vanilla Latte Protein BitesΒ and Cookie Dough Protein Balls Any suggestions?

One thing that didn’t stay the same: our containers! Just check out those pretty glass Pyrex containers! I finally gave in and upgraded our sad old collection and invested in some quality containers and I gotta say, I’m loving them!


For our main dish this week, I decided to go with one of our recent favorites: Healthy Slow Cooker Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Chili. Pretty easy to get cooking, delicious and healthy, this recipe has quickly become my go-to! It turned out wonderful, as always.


And that is it for this week! This meal prep is perfect if you just want to spend a bit of time to make things a little easier on yourself the coming week.

What are you making for your meal prep this week? What is your favorite go-to recipe? I would love to hear about them, so drop an answer in the comments below!


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