Getting Started on Your Fitness Journey

So it’s the first week of 2017 and I’m sure that many of us are still riding the energy and excitement that a new year brings! I know I am! There are all sorts of projects I can’t wait to start! One of those things for you might be to get started or restart your fitness journey. If it is, that’s wonderful! And I want to help you get set up for success as you get going!

Are you wanting to get started on your fitness journey for 2017?! Here are 4 things that I want to share with you to help you succeed!
There are many paths you can take on your fitness journey, but there are a few things you can do to start off that will help you succeed throughout the year!

Find a program –

When you are just getting started, it can be difficult, even paralyzing, to know what you should do. You go to the gym or your workout space in your home and then it’s just “Now what?”…. This is where a program can help you! It takes all the thinking out of the getting started part and just lets you DO IT!
I had a lot of starts and stops with very little progress until I started Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide! It was amazing  what having the program did for me! I didn’t have to think about what my workout was going to be, because it was planned out. I was just able to check what (little) equipment I needed and GO!
Now, it doesn’t have to be that program, but finding a program to start with is so helpful. You also don’t have to find that one program to stick with forever! As you get more comfortable and set in your fitness routine, you can pick a new program or even design your own!

Set your schedule –

I do this at the beginning of every week, regardless of how similar it is to my schedule from the previous week! This helps me take a look at my schedule for the coming week and adjust things as needed. Plus there is a certain level of finality from writing it down on a schedule. You are making an appointment with yourself to work out!
Now, I suggest writing down not only the workout of the day, but also what time you are going to do it. This doesn’t mean you can’t be flexible, but it’s so much easier to keep to your schedule when it is all planned out right down to the time!

Progress pictures –

I know. I wasn’t a big fan of progress pictures either. They feel a bit awkward to take and they are very baring. But they serve such an important role in your journey! They can be amazing tools to really help you see your progress. You see your body every day, so a lot of the changes that are made through working out aren’t going to be noticed by you right away. Sometimes major progress has been made, but you won’t even see it! This is where progress pictures come in. By using the same positioning, lighting and clothing, you can really see what changes have been made when you put them side-by-side!
For example, I didn’t really feel like I had made much visible progress this year. What with the setbacks I have had and everything. But when I put my pictures up next to pictures from December ’15, I was shocked to see that there WAS visible progress! So take those progress pictures!

Just go –

I don’t mean to make that sound simple. I know that sometimes it’s not. Some days you just don’t want to do it. But if you make a commitment to yourself that you are at least going to GO, then you are much more likely to actually do the workout too! I know I have had times where I have gotten changed into my workout clothes and went to the gym, all while my brain was trying to convince me that I should just skip that day! But by the time I got to the gym and got going, I was glad I did!
One idea I’ve seen used that I love: I’ve heard multiple people say that the only time they can skip their workout is if they get dressed and go to the gym, stay for 10 minutes and THEN still want to leave.
Are you focusing on your fitness for 2017? What have you doing to help make sure you succeed this year? I would love to hear about them!


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    1. Aww thank you Meghan! I’m glad you found inspiration from my post! Fitness is such a part of my life now that I can’t imagine being without it!

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