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Hey everyone! I am so excited to finally be sharing this with you! With this new year and some changes in my life has come a renewed focus here on the blog. More than ever before I want to help you along on your own fitness journey! My love of fitness has grown so much over the years and I want to inspire you to find that love of your own, in whatever form it may take!

But I only have my own story to share and that is why I am starting this new series! Each month I will be bringing you someone else’s story! I am interviewing different people about their journeys….where they started, how their lives changed, their daily routines and so much more!

To start this series off, I’m happy to introduce you to Sabrina from Run, Love, Yoga!

Today I'm talking with Sabrina about her fitness journey and her advice for others just starting out! Come join us as we talk about running, staying fit through pregnancy and so much more!

Background: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? How did your fitness journey start?

I’m a 38 year old wife, mom and runner. After the birth of my daughter 4 years ago I found myself completely in love with my baby and my husband, but I hated the way I felt and looked after gaining 81 pounds during pregnancy. It took me experiencing horrific stomach pains on a weekly basis to realize that it was time to stop putting myself last and it was time to do something. Little by little, I cut out soda, coffee and cut back on my beloved red wine. I cut back on carbs and gluten. Then I started practicing intermittent fasting. 4 months into this I felt better but still not great. Something was missing. It was time to exercise again. June of 2015 was when I became a runner. Since then I’ve run 17 races including 2 half marathons.  I am currently pregnant with my second child and I’m determined to have a healthier pregnancy this time around.


What has been your biggest challenge in your fitness journey and how have you dealt with it?

Plantar Fasciitis!  It is the worst.  I’ve been dealing with it on and off for 8 months now.  It didn’t get really bad until I started slowing down my training after my first half marathon.  When I started to kick it into high gear for my second one, I was in excruciating pain and could barely walk.  I’ve tried just about everything except surgery which my podiatrist highly recommends.  Unfortunately, I’ve had to tone down my training a lot.  My feet still hurt but I’ve learn to manage the pain.


Have you had any setbacks since starting your fitness journey? If so, how did you deal with them?

Besides the PF, I’ve had to deal with losing my running mojo.  I suffer from anxiety so sometimes the pressure of the training can get to me and turn me off from running completely. It becomes more of a chore and burden at this point. When this happens, I cut back from running which allows me to find the joy in it once again.

What achievement are you the most proud of?

This is a tough one!  I feel like I really should say completing one of my half marathons as they both presented some pretty unique challenges.  The run I am most proud of though was my first 10 Miler.  I just ran the race I knew I could and enjoyed every moment of it.  I feel like I was at my peak level of fitness then and really showed myself what I could accomplish.

Outside of the physical, what have been some significant changes brought on by your fitness journey?

For one, I am happier.  I feel better about myself and I just plain feel better physically which lifts my mood tremendously.  Also, I think I am a better wife and mother when I am consistently running.  I am more patient. I don’t snap or yell because I have these wonderful endorphins running through me.  When I am running, I am just a better version of me.


What are you working towards now? What are your goals and dreams, fitness-wise?

Right now, I am working on staying active and healthy during this pregnancy.  During my first one, I was a coach potato who gained 80 pounds.  I am determined not to let that happen again.  I realize that I have some medical conditions that might keep me from running for the entirety of my pregnancy, but I figure I’ll keep at it until my doctor tells me to stop.  At that point, I will be rowing my heart out in our basement on my “husband’s” rowing machine (that he never uses).  Long term, I am hoping that by staying fit during the next 7 months that I’ll have an easier recovery and that I’ll avoid the health problems that I developed after my last pregnancy.

What does a typical training week look like?

Typically, I run 3 days a week with a long run on the weekend.  If I am half marathon training, then my long runs are 8-10 miles long.  When I am not running then I am strength training and practicing yoga.  I follow the strength training moves taught by the Another Mother Runner Training Programs.

What does an average day of eating look like for you?

Now that I am pregnant I tend to eat every 3 hours starting as soon as I wake up.  Prior to being pregnant I practiced Intermittent Fasting which helped heal my leaky gut.  Typically, I am low carb to the point that I would eat less than 5 grams of net carbs every 5 hours.  Being pregnant, I have to up my carb intake and I am still trying to find that happy medium of not too many and not too little.  I’m heavy on the protein and the veggies that I do not have a sensitivity too – I have 15 food sensitivities that I try my hardest to avoid.

Do you take any supplements? If so, could you tell us a little about what ones and why? If not, why not?

Thanks to my food allergies and sensitivities, plus the adrenal fatigue, I take a ton of supplements most of which I had to stop taking due to being pregnant.

In the mornings, I take a multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin D and a probiotic.  The fish oil is to help reduce inflammation which I suffer from and the probiotic is to help with the symptoms of Leaky Gut.
At night, I take melatonin, valerian root and magnesium all of which are to help me go to sleep and stay asleep.  I also take Zyrtec due to my environmental allergies.

What is your favorite exercise? Your least favorite?

Running and running!  Haha!  Nothing gets my heart rate up and makes me feel as good as running, but on the other hand when I’m just physically and mentally depleted nothing makes me feel worse than going for a run.


What do you do if you find your motivation lacking?

I take a break and remind myself of why I started this fitness journey.  I also belong to a local running group with a heavy social media presence so just reading their posts about their personal running accomplishments is usually enough to get me lace up my sneakers.

How do you balance fitness with work/life/social/etc? How do you “find the time” to workout?

Well, I used to wake up really early, like 4:30AM early to get a run in, but I quickly developed Adrenal Fatigue so I had to stop that.  My only alternative was to work out in the afternoons/early evenings after work.  It did mean missing out on some family time, but I firmly believe exercise makes me a better mother.  In order to get all of my normal chores done, I did have to rely heavily on my crockpot for meals and my husband found himself helping out more.  I’m a mom so I don’t have much of a social life outside of my running group!

What are your top 3 tips for someone just starting their fitness journey?

My number 1 tip is to take baby steps.  Don’t go whole hog when it comes to revamping your diet and exercise routine.  You’ll burn out and quit before you ever get started.

Anything else you want to share?

Thank you for letting me talk about my fitness journey!

I love getting to hear about other people’s fitness journey and I hope you enjoyed it too! Thank you for sharing it with us Sabrina!

13394135_285492808462874_7750457502689943236_n Sabrina is a wife, mom and avid runner. Since starting running in June 2015, she has run 17 races! To learn more about her and check out all of the wonderful things she posts, check out her blog Run, Love, Yoga!

To follow Sabrina on her social media, here are her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!


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