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Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday! It’s been a pretty busy week here, but in the best way possible! I hope your week went well too! I’ve got some great links for you to enjoy over your weekend, so we will get right to it! Enjoy!

My favorite picture from this week! I saw this while I was on my bike ride yesterday and just loved it!


Almond Butter Banana Bread Muffins from Love & Zest

Pepperoni Stuffed Baked Potatoes from Budget Bytes

Thai Curry Soup from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Buffalo-style Grilled Chicken from Organize Yourself Skinny

Creamy Tomato Italian Parmesan Chicken from The Recipe Critic

Roasted Brussels Sprouts from Gettin My Healthy On

Summer Slow Cooker Recipes from Mix and Match Mama

Art and DIY

10 Tips for Recharging Your Creativity When You’re In a Slump from A Girl, Obsessed – Creative slumps happen to all of us and it can be so discouraging. These are some really good ideas for how to get yourself out of them when they do happen!

18 Summer Home Projects from Tatertots and Jello – So many cute ideas! I haven’t done much with decorating since winter, if I’m being honest. I made a wreath for spring. That was about it. I need to decorate!

Fitness and Health

My Favorite (Non-Restrictive!) Healthy Eating Rule from A Healthy Slice of Life – I love this! It lines up great with my views on healthy eating and is definitely the way I want to do thing when I have kids!

How to Find the Motivation to Work Out…Especially When Exercising Bores You from The Art of Being a Student – Now, I will say, exercising doesn’t bore me. I actually really enjoy it. But I know it does bore a lot of people. And everyone struggles with motivation (especially me!)…this was a great read with some great tips!

4 Ways to Earn Money With Your Fitbit from Making Sense of Cents – I had heard of two of these, but not the other two! It looks like I have some research to do!

Eliminating Post-Workout Aches and Pains for Good from Blush and Barbells – So many good tips! It can be tough, especially as you are getting started, to keep up with your workouts if you are always achy and sore afterwards!

Family and Life

Three Tips for Planning a Better Day from Passion Themed Life – I haven’t gotten into bullet journaling, mostly because I think I would go crazy obsessive perfectionist with it. But I love how it works and I love these tips, even for those of us that don’t do bullet journaling!

And Just Like That I’m No Longer in My 20s…#Cougartown from Living In Yellow – This is a fun read and just a cute tale! But along with that, it definitely has me thinking. I’ve been thinking more about this lately…I’m 29. I have slightly over half a year left, and then I am thirty. That is a strange thought. I’m not sure what I think about it, but that doesn’t change it from happening! (By the way, I would love to hear from ladies in their 30s on what they experienced as they went from 20s to 30s!)

25 Books to Read When You Feel Like the World is Falling Apart from Modern Mrs. Darcy – I have a serious love for reading. There are books on this list I haven’t even heard of! I can’t wait to check them out!

Meal Planning Recipes: How I Find Recipes For My Weekly Meal Plan from Peanut Butter Fingers – You all know just how much I love meal prep! If you are feeling a bit lost on the planning side, this is a great post for ideas! (Also, check out my post over Sarah & Co for more planning tips if you missed it!)

Limiting Social Media from Because I’m Addicted – Social media can definitely take over things and become too important in our daily lives. I know I have a hard time with this one, since I am trying to use social media to grow my blog and business, as well as get to know other bloggers and creatives. I actually love social media, since working overnights at my “regular” job can be really isolating sometimes. But it can become too much. I love her ideas for limiting her use!

My 100 Best Travel Tips From 5 Years of Travel from Never Ending Footsteps – Wow! I wish I could travel like that! Sadly, I’m past the age or option of dropping everything and grabbing Draz up to travel around the world for years. For one, our pups would be most upset. 🙂 But I do hope someday to be able to do some trips again! I haven’t really traveled much in the past 5 years and I miss it a lot. I hope to do some less structured, more adventurous trips in the future too. This list has so many great tips and is just fun to read on top of it!

Blogging and Business

How to Manage, Track, and Make Money with Sponsors from Helene In Between – I haven’t done work with sponsors. Hell, I haven’t made any money with my blog at all! But someday I would like to. And this not only has some great things for me to keep in mind, but actually gives me a bit of hope that at some point that might be possible

How I Gained 50K Instagram Followers Rapidly and Organically from Chris Loves Julia – This is a rough one for me and I love her tips! I get so tired of finding articles like this that end up saying things that I don’t exactly agree with (following people so they will follow you, then unfollowing, for example). This article is not like that! This has some great tips, ones I will be thinking over and hopefully using to improve my own Instagram feeds!

How to Increase Instagram Engagement from Thrifts and Threads – Can you tell where my focus is right now? 🙂 This has some great easy and actionable tips for increasing engagement!

That’s it for today! I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Did you have a favorite post from this week that I missed, or maybe something you posted? Post a link in the comments below! I would love to check it out!


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