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Happy Friday everyone! Did you have a fantastic week? Any exciting plans for the weekend? I know that I had a MUCH better week this week than last week…not being sick can do that 🙂 After spending 4 days pretty much sleeping and laying around, it feels so good to be up and active again! Plus I have been getting a bunch of things sorted out here for the blog and for the upcoming Etsy store (we are talking in the next week or so people! Just finishing up the last few details.) so I am pretty happy overall. And right now, I’m happy to be sharing the links I love this week with you!


My favorite pic of the week! I am so in love with how this new pendant turned out!


3 Rules for a Better Work Salad from The Kitchn – Ok, not a recipe, but some great tips! You all know just how much I love my mason jar salads. These tips are great for getting into the habit of eating salads for lunch! (and no, they don’t have to be boring!)

Chickpea and Spinach Stew from Door Sixteen

Garlic Lovers’ Spaghetti from Gimme Some Oven

Spicy Baked Chicken Parmesan from Gimme Some Oven

Crispy Slow Cooker Carnitas from Gimme Some Oven (anyone sensing a theme here?!)

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Tenders from the Recipe Critic

5 Ingredient Chicken Tikka Masala from Pinch of Yum

Healthy 5 Ingredient Snacks from The Lean Green Bean

DIY and Art

12 Tips to Help You Capture Stunning Landscape Photos from Digital Photography School – I love improving my photography and these are some great tips, including a few I haven’t heard of before! Now if only I could upgrade my camera 🙂 Someday….and then I will really get to play!

Home and Decor

Personal Gallery Wall from Cupcakes and Cashmere – Our bedroom still isn’t done (it may never be haha) but I love this idea for when it’s closer to completion! We have a sort of gallery wall behind our bed and I like it, but I don’t quite love it.

15 Ways to Decorate with Nature from Tatertots and Jello – So many cute ideas! One thing I haven’t done yet at all and I really would like to is bring some nature to our home decor


5 Classic Hair Hacks from Hair Romance – I LOVE braids. Like seriously love them. Especially Dutch braids. I knew most of these tips, but 1 of them I can’t wait to try out! (anti-salon blow dry!?)

Family and Life

How to Picnic Like an Event Planner from Camille Styles – Doesn’t a picnic just sound wonderful?! And this one looks gorgeous! In all seriousness, I am hoping to do a picnic sometime this season, so this is giving me some great ideas!

Summer Bucket List: 100 Things to do in Summer from Uncustomary – So many fun ideas! Some of which I never would have thought of!

I was at Pulse Orlando from The Middle Finger Project – Ok….I’ve thought a lot about whether I was going to write a post about how I feel about the shootings at Pulse. I’m still unsure. I’ve had a hard time processing the whole thing and how affected I feel by it, considering I’m not nearly as active in the LGBT community as I used to be. (Just changing life conditions, not anything more serious) This post, written by someone who was at Pulse in February, talks about how she feels about it. If you read anything on my list this week, read this.

Fitness and Health

5 Treadmill Workouts to Help Beat the Heat from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life – I don’t know about you, but I love my treadmill! That being said, I haven’t really experimented with it much. I mostly have just used it for straight-up LISS and walked fast 🙂 But I’ve been wanting to mix things up more lately and these sound like fun! Though knowing me I probably shouldn’t do that last one…I don’t think we want another ER visit!

Weekly Fitness Must-Have: Lululemon Thong from The Fitnessista – I will admit it, this is something I haven’t given much thought to. Definitely going to check these out!

Blogging and Business

Instagram Growth + Tools for Success from My Healthish Life  – I haven’t used the program she’s talking about, but it sounds pretty awesome! Most people that have put effort into Instagram for their blog, business or brand knows how difficult it can be sometimes (unless you are an Instagram unicorn!) and I love the tips she shares on here!

How to Get Subscribers for Your Blog: 7 Fresh Ideas from HubSpot – Some great tips on here, and lots of detail!

Ok, So What Really Goes Into a Blog Post from The Skinny Confidential – YES! I love this! There is so much work that goes into my blog posts, especially the more topic-based ones. Photos, projects, editing, social media, etc. Ok, so my process isn’t as involved as her’s, but I’m still at a much smaller scale than she is. Maybe someday that will change, but either way, I know that a lot goes into each blog post for all the bloggers out there!

That’s it for this week! Did you post something on your blog you think I might like, or maybe someone else’s post? I would love to check it out, so please leave it in the comments below!




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