Sunday Meal Prep: April 10, 2016

Hey everyone! It’s time for my favorite part of the week, meal prep time! As most of you know, I love my meal prep. I pretty much think prepping is the best thing for making my week run smoothly and one of my highest priorities of the week. And this week is no different! I am actually getting busier than ever over the next few weeks (possibly longer) and I know that it will be even more essential than ever to keep my eating on track and working towards my fitness goals 🙂

Meal Prepping for an Healthy and Easy Week: Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls, Chicken Lo Mein and Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes for a tasty and healthy week of meals!

This week’s meal prep is full of new recipes (yes, again! I love my new recipes kick!) I also cooked with a couple new ingredients this week, which was pretty fun!
Our two staple dishes for the week were our Mason Jar Salads and Breakfast Burritos. As always I am really happy that I have these every week. Our breakfast burritos, combined with my cinnamon bread and some cottage cheese, allow me to have a delicious, healthy and filling breakfast ready in around 10 minutes!
Meal Prep Sunday
On to our main dishes for the week: Healthy Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls, Healthy Chicken Lo Mein and Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun-dried Tomatoes. I am pretty happy with how these turned out! That being said, while these were all delicious, there are a few things I will adjust when I make these next time. To be clear, these are in my own preparation, not in the recipes themselves.
For the Healthy Chicken Lo Mein – This actually became Chow Mein for us, since we didn’t have any Lo Mein noodles available. Also, the ounces was a bit off for the packages, so it ended up being a lot of noodles! I love how it turned out, but next time I will probably double the sauce and veggies if I use the same noodles. This dish was the favorite for both of us and will be made again!
For the Chicken Pasta – If you make this, make sure to cut your chicken into smallish tenders, or bite-size pieces. I definitely did not cut ours small enough and it was a little annoying when I was eating it later.
That’s it for this week! A pretty basic prep overall, but it was delicious! What did you prep this week? Any new dishes or ingredients? I would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below!

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