Self Care in Blogging and Business (Plus 5 Tips You Can Try!)


Life can get stressful & it can be hard to prioritize "you". But it's important, so I'm talking about why I think so & share my top 5 tips to self care!Let’s be honest, life can get pretty busy sometimes. Overwhelmingly so. Whether you are just getting started on your blog or business or you’ve been going strong for years, you have a lot of responsibilities….a lot of things you have to get done and so little time to do them. I could go on, but you all get what I’m saying, right?

So what happens? You have to give somewhere, let something go. And more often than not, that something is yourself. Now, I’m not talking sweatpants, messy hair, no make-up kind of letting yourself go (though that can definitely play a part in this) I’m talking about not doing the things that fulfill you or allow you to relax, whatever those things are. It can be a difficult thing to prioritize yourself when you have so many other things to take care of! I mean, those things can come later, right? I can’t go out to this movie when I have this blog post to write, products to make and a house to clean! I can do it later, when things are less busy. So your self care gets pushed to the side to make room for the “important” things.

Only things really aren’t ever going to be less busy. There are going to be times where things slow down for just a bit, but usually those things are then filled in with something else that will fill up your time. It’s a pretty serious cycle and one that can get out of control really quickly.fstockphotosb-9

And this is something that I have been struggling a lot with. I had slid into this cycle without even realizing it. I knew I was busy, and getting busier…but I had no idea just how little down-time I was taking until the end of last week. I kept telling myself that I had to get all of these things done right now and it’s just the price I had to pay right now to get my business going and make improvements to the blog. That it was temporary.

I’m going to get really honest with you right now. I was probably on the verge of a breakdown at the end of last week. I was stressed, not sleeping well, getting frustrated at Draz over things that never bother me normally and taking things personally when I knew they weren’t meant that way. I was feeling run down, my workouts (when they were happening at all) were sub-par. From the time I woke up to the time I went to bed I was working or busy in some form. I would guess that there was less than 1 hour in each waking day that I was not working or thinking about working, or mentally creating the next blog post, etc.

It took a near-fight with Draz over something absolutely ridiculous and a couple pointed statements from him to wake me up and make me realize what I have been doing to myself. And this is going to sound silly, but the one that affected me the most was “When was the last time you took a long bath?” Now, this might not sound like a big deal, but let me give you some context:

I used to take a long bubble bath once a week….just me, my book, some music and some candles. That was my rejuvenation time, no matter what else was going on. I counted this as an important part of my self care. And you know how long it’s been since I’ve done that? 6 months – a year. That’s right. Something I used to do weekly as my self care has been so completely pushed out that I can’t even remember when I took one last.

You may not care about long baths. And that’s all fine (though seriously, they are pretty awesome). But is there something that you care about, something that rejuvenates or fulfills you, that you haven’t done for a long time? When was the last time you did some self care? Can you remember? I know I have a few items on that list…the bubble baths, making artwork just for me, taking the dogs for a long walk, watching a movie without working on something at the same time.

rottweiler mix, mastiff mix, out for a walk, spring, dogs, self care
Draz and I taking the dogs out for a long walk right after we got Crystal. We haven’t done this in a LONG time.

And I’m going to be making sure to get more of that time in, even if that means some of my business goals take slightly longer to be completed. It’s not going to matter when I launch my business if I’m rundown, sick and unhappy when I finally do. So there will be more walks, more art that’s just mine, and definitely more bubble baths. Draz and I already did a bit of this over the weekend…a wonderful at-home movie date, with popcorn and everything! I left my phone across the room with the sound turned off and didn’t worry about what blog or business tasks I needed to work on. And you know what, the blog didn’t disappear! My progress on my business didn’t disappear! And this is something I need to remember and take to heart. Self care is important, essential even. This isn’t the first time I’ve come to this realization and prioritized myself, as you may have saw in my Journey to Happiness post. But sometimes even when we know this lesson, it can be…well, not really forgotten, but set aside.

That’s why this post is coming to you on a Wednesday. I have decided that while I work on launching the business side of things, I am going to cut down to 3 posts a week. So you can now expect to see posts on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. I hope at some point to go back to 4 posts a week (and there might be more occasionally!) but for now I need to focus on creating quality content while still allowing a little more time for self care.

So what are some things that you can do for self care? Well, a lot of that is pretty personal, but there are some that I think are pretty much universal for bloggers and business owners.Wonderlass Stock Photo 2a

5 Easy Things You Can Do For Self Care

  1. Step away from social media – For a few hours, a day, or a week, stepping away from all social media can be a really good thing.
  2. Get outside – Go for a walk or a hike!

    outdoors, woods, stone bridge, spring, self care
    My favorite place to get outdoors AND get away from social media!
  3. Go out with friends – Blogging and running a business can be very isolating sometimes. Meeting up with friends in person can be very rejuvenating.

    self care, farmers market
    To a Farmer’s Market maybe?
  4. Get dressed up – I don’t mean fancy dinner party dressed up. But a nice shirt and pants, or maybe do your hair and makeup. Do whatever will make you feel more confident and put together. I know that when I’m working at home my tendency is to be in a kinda torn up, too big t-shirt and jeans, so this is something I need to work on myself.make-up, self care
  5. Exercise – It can be easy to be inactive or get caught up with your work when you work from home. Exercise can be so helpful and make you feel so much better!

If you would like to read more on this topic or just get some fun ideas for self care, self love and a whole lot of other topics, here are a couple of my favorite resources!

I hope that you always remember to take a look at your schedule and make sure to put some time for yourself in there! Is self care something you’ve struggled with? I would love to know how you have dealt with this, so please leave a comment below!


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