Friday Favorites: The Links I Love – March 25, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! How was your week? I had a pretty awesome week overall, full of energy and motivation! I actually got some work done! I did get sidetracked a few times and got caught up in a few unintended projects, but that is how life goes! One of the things I have really enjoyed this week is curating this list. I am so excited to bring you the links I love from this week!

Before that, I have my favorite photo from this week! I know you may have already seen it in this post, but I am so in love with how this wreath turned out. It just makes me smile every time I walk up to our front door!



Spicy Honey Garlic Roasted Cauliflower from The Iron You

Asparagus Stir-fry with Sesame-Miso Sauce from Naturally Ella

Skillet Spaghetti and Meatballs from The Lean Green Bean

Crispy Parmesan Chicken with Creamy Lemon Garlic Sauce from The Recipe Critic


Hiking the Narrows in the Winter {Zion National Park} from Just a Colorado Gal – This sounded amazing! The pictures are gorgeous and I can just ALMOST imagine being there. Maybe someday!

The Power of Positive Thinking from Making Sense of Cents – This message is so true. Focusing on positive thinking and becoming less negative has been a huge battle for me, but one that has been so worth it! Now, the majority of the time, I am really positive about things and it has made a big difference in my life.


Battle Rope Arm Burner from The Fitnessista – Cute look into the life of the Fitnessista, plus a great looking battle rope workout! I was just talking with a friend the other day about these. I see them everywhere and I want to give them a try so bad!

Why You Are Sore After a Workout from Sweat Stretch Eat – Great quick read on DOMS and how to help ease them!

Art and DIY:

Flower Power: How to Create a Colorful DIY Spring Bouquet from Paper & Stitch – These arrangements are gorgeous! I love all the spring colors. Flower arranging has always kinda intimidated me, but maybe with this post as a guide I can create something pretty! (I don’t know if you remember this post from last year, but I have never actually put flowers in the vases Draz and I made!)

Bedroom Progress from DIY Playbook – As someone who is currently under a major remodel of the bedroom/dressing room, I love seeing others progress and getting some inspiration from them. This is a great post for that! Love the look of the bedroom so far and the plans for finishing!

Blogging and Business:

That Stupid Flat Lay from Venus Trapped in Mars – The struggle is real! I love this look into how difficult getting those great pictures can be. It seems so simple…until you try to do it!

Tips for Shooting in Natural Light from A Girl, Obsessed – Great tips for improving your photography! I just started doing some of these over the past couple months and it’s amazing how much my photographs have improved!

50 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas from A Girl, Obsessed – I’m pretty sure I should just start listing this blog as a whole on my Friday Favorites. It seems to always have such killer posts! Some of the ideas listed here are ones I haven’t even thought of yet and I love the fresh inspiration!

How I Started My Online Store from Design Darling – Wow, 4 years! This post is full of great advice, including one that I have only heard of in the past couple weeks!

Sacrifice & The Hustle with Gary Vee from The Skinny Confidential – This sounds like it was an incredible opportunity! Can’t wait to listen to the podcast!

That’s it! I found quite a few links I love this week! Did I miss your favorite post from this week? If so, I would love to check it out, so leave a comment with a link below!



3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: The Links I Love – March 25, 2016

  1. Great link list! I loved The Power of Positive Thinking, it is so true and I think as a positive person you always need a reminder to keep up, it can be hard sometimes when a lot is going on especially negative so thank you for the reminder 🙂 Sending love xo C

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Courtney! The Power of Positive Thinking really spoke to me, especially right now. You’re right, it can be really difficult to stay focused on the positive sometimes. I think we can all use the occasional reminder 🙂

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